"A space of light has opened up around my mothers passing amidst the darkness and it centres on that precious act of love.


Sending much love and thanks to you Holly"


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There are so many options now as to what you can do

with the ashes. This can be a very difficult decision

for most people so take your time to decide which

feels right to you. If in doubt, wait. You are not obligated

to do anything with the ashes should you not wish to


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Water scattering
Hot air balloon scattering
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Turn the ashes of your loved one into a diamond
Unique pictures
Amazing artist Bea Haines turns ashes into pigment and creates incredible pieces of art.

In 2015 Bea undertook a residency at ColArt’s Innovation and Development Lab, where art materials for the world-famous Winsor & Newton brand are developed. During her time here, she learnt how to create artworks using human ash as pigment and paint. The resulting artworks offer an alternative to traditional methods of memorial and encourage open discourse about death.
Ashes scattered in space
Scatter ashes at the edge of space. Celebrate your loved one’s life in style, with a fully tailored memorial launch day, where your loved one’s ashes begin their gentle journey to the edge of space to be scattered under the stars.
Click on the link for more information.
Ashes fireworks
Ashes into fireworks: Professional firework displays incorporating ashes are a fantastic way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

They are truly fantastic events, scattering the ashes over the heavens. It is a scattering ceremony that will stay forever in the memory.

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