Holly is a specialist in supporting people

to gently care for their dead

Caring for your relative in death with love

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Alison from Kent

 "I feel so blessed. So blessed.


The precious ritual of washing & dressing.

 You were there & so gently held me through that difficult physical reality

 It was a timeless & precious space, almost beyond the physical realm, where I could just be with her & carry out that final respectful act of love and farewell.


It’s profound effect is so difficult to put into words and as time passes the physical reality of it fades and a different understanding, in another dimension, grows..


Sending much love and thanks to you Holly"

The Process

So what can you expect during the

ceremonial care of the body?

Firstly, be reassured that Holly will very gently support you through the entire process. You will be given support, all the time you need and gentle guidance.


Ideally, this needs to happen as soon after the death as possible. Holly will come to the home of where the person has died to carry out the ceremonial care.

Holly will meet with you first & check in with you to talk you through what will happen & answer any questions you may have. 

During the ceremony Holly uses sacred essential oils to wash & anoint the body with your help, should you wish. These help to preserve & nourish the body as well as caring for the energetic/soul of the person.

You can be as involved as you want to be, some people like to sit & just be present whilst Holly washes, other's like to be left alone to wash, most people like to be gently guided and supported by Holly. 

Afterwards Holly will invite you to spend time sharing how you found the experience, having a tea/coffee and a biscuit or two. It's important that you feel ready to enter the 'real' world, this can't be rushed. 

Holly likes to allow up to 5 hours for this entire process.

Total cost - £600

Holly's Funerals

"A space of light has opened up around my mothers passing amidst the darkness and it centres on that precious act of love.


Sending much love and thanks to you Holly"


 Multi Award Winning Funeral Director

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