"A space of light has opened up around my mothers passing amidst the darkness and it centres on that precious act of love.


Sending much love and thanks to you Holly"


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care of the body

In years gone by family members carried out the last washing & dressing

of their relatives as a matter of course.

It was seen as an honour & an important part of the grieving process for the family. 

Holly recognises this precious time & supports families to be involved as much or as little as they wish to be. 

Ideally, this needs to happen as soon after death as possible. Holly will come to the home of the person who has died and will spend up to 5 hours with you and your family in caring for your relative. 


Ceremonial care of the body


Attendance by Holly for up to 5 hours

Holly has supported many families in the care of their dead over the last few years. Here are a few of Holly's thoughts on caring for family after they have died:

" Since time began families have been involved at the birth and the death, it is only in the last 100 years or so, predominantly since the NHS was born when death was moved from the home to the hospital, that death has become a hidden affair. 

This detachment from, what is a natural process, has caused much fear amongst most people. Many people are not aware of the what the dying process looks like and so when faced with their loved one dying they are left feeling inadequate and fearful. Once the death has occurred most people feel they have no rights over the body, again becoming fearful of the process.


This is something I want to change.


I want to re empower people so that when they are faced with the death of a family or friend they have some knowledge of how they can help, what their rights are, what the process is so they as prepared as they possibly can be. 

I have supported many families over the years to help wash and dress their relative and it has always been an incredible experience where I feel very honoured to be part of such an intimate time. 

Families tend to feel very apprehensive about the process but with my gentle support they are soon put at ease and realise that the body they see is still the body of the person they love, they have known. Each person who I have supported have found the process to be helpful, allowing them to have time with their relative but also a job to do, to be able to care for them in death, a beautiful last honour"

How it works: 

It really depends on the circumstances. Normally it will be one of these three:

  1. If you know that your relative is dying then it would be a good idea to contact Holly in advance so that you can have a telephone conversation or maybe meet up to discuss the process. 

  2. If you contact Holly shortly after the death has occurred and the person who has died is still at their home, a hospice or hospital then as long as the death was expected and the person has seen a Dr within 14 days then Holly can come (depending on her availability) directly and support you through the process. 

  3. If the person who has died, died in unexpectedly or is currently in a hospital or hospice mortuary then once Holly has permission to move the person she will bring the body to her Tranquility room near Rye where you will be able to come and help her care for your loved one. 

Wherever the care of the body takes place, Holly always starts with a having an informal chat with whomever is going to be involved. This can meeting can take up to an hour depending on a persons need. 

Holly will need time with the person who has died to assess their condition, and where needed possibly clean the person up a little, you are very welcome to be involved in this but equally this is something that Holly can do on her own. 

Once the space has been prepared and you are ready then the process begins. 

Holly will gently guide you through washing the body using flannels, water and essential oils/herbs. The whole process can take between

an hour up to 3 hours depending on your needs. Some people like to take their time, to say blessing and do their own rituals, other's just like to watch me wash and dress their relative. Whatever happens is right for you, there is no normal with this process so just relax and focus on what feels best for you. 

Afterwards there is usually time spent away from the body, maybe having a cup of tea and having a chat about how you found things.

Holly likes to make completely sure that you are OK after the process and will be available via telephone should you need her later in the day to talk.

Do consider what you would like your relative dressed in or alternatively wrapped in, please click here for more information.



This is between the hours of 8.30am-4.30pm Monday - Friday & within a radius of 20 miles of Rye, East Sussex. Outside these hours will incur extra costs.

Please note: There may be other costs depending on need. Please discuss further with Holly.